Grace Kitchen

This job is named “Grace Kitchen” for the simple reason that the client’s name is Grace. These drawings were actually completed in October of 2015; however, I didn’t start this portfolio until May of 2016. I had begun a draft of this page, but around that time I also got a new hourly job, and thoughts of this page were put in my brain’s “Um, Eventually…” folder. Eventually has now arrived, and I’m happy to present these drawing to you.

This was one of the most challenging projects I’ve done for Mr. Uriel, in that the client requested many changes throughout the design process. But in the end I was satisfied with my drawings. More importantly, so were Mr. Uriel and the client.

Pg 1 - View to Oven [Scale: 1/2

Pg 1 – View to Oven [Scale: 1/2″ = 12″]

Larger view (1000 x 756)

Pg 2 - View to Sink [Scale: 1/2

Pg 2 – View to Sink [Scale: 1/2″ = 12″]

Larger view

Pg 3 - View to Cabinets [Scale: 1/2

Pg 3 – View to Cabinets [Scale: 1/2″ = 12″]

Larger view

When our CAD class got to the lesson on house elevations, several of us, myself included, added “shimmer” to the window panes. Our instructor advised us against doing this, as it’s considered “cartoony” and is not done on professional drawings. Of course, none of us did this on any further class drawings; nor have I done it on any professional drawings prior to working for Mr. Uriel.

However, I am also aware that the human brain is hard-wired to recognize certain visual clues. So, I began adding “shimmer” to my drawings for Mr. Uriel where he specified glass-fronted doors. So far, I’ve had no complaints whatsoever.

Pg 4 - View to Fridge [Scale: 1/2

Pg 4 – View to Fridge [Scale: 1/2″ = 12″]

Larger view

Pg 5 - Overheads [Scale: 3/8

Pg 5 – Overheads [Scale: 3/8″ = 12″]

Larger view

All drawings copyright © 2015 Uriel Woodworking