Media Cabinet

Somewhat eccentric in appearance, to be sure, this is the design Mr. Uriel and I developed to meet the client’s unusually specific requests. For example, crown moulding is typically either taken right up to the ceiling, or left open thus allowing objects to be set inside it for display. In this case, however, the client wanted the crown moulding to be closed on top to use it as a larger, open shelf. (Which, I suppose, at least makes it easier to dust.)

Another unusual request was drawer depth. The client intends to store large numbers of collectibles in the drawers, and requested a specific drawer depth. At the time, the version I had drawn, based on Mr. Uriel’s sketches, had five rows of drawers. Those would have had that required depth, but I was concerned about there being enough space “around” the drawers for the slide mechanisms. So I expressed this concern to Mr. Uriel, and provided a version with four rows of drawers, which he accepted.

Now, I have to admit, the image presented here is not the final version. One further request of the client was to replace the lower glass-fronted doors with more drawers. Of course, I made that change and sent it to Mr. Uriel. However, in my personal opinion, that makes for a dull, crowded cabinet front, so for this portfolio image I’m using the previous version.


Larger image

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