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Mr. Uriel’s design for a proposed reception desk was quite challenging to draft, and frankly therefore a lot of fun. His initial sketch only stated the distance the desk is to be from the walls, basic cabinet dimensions, and a 5″ depth for the curved wall at the back of the desk. He didn’t specify the number of cabinets to draw. He just asked me to fit in as many as I could using his dimensions, while leaving space in the middle for the secretary’s chair. I took that as a statement of his confidence in my abilities.

The Cover Page is intentionally simplistic, merely a Table of Contents. The actual drafted desk and walls are not to scale, and in fact had to be scaled down to allow room for the surrounding text.

Pg 1 - Cover Sheet [Scale: None]

Pg 1 – Cover Sheet [Scale: None]

Larger image (1000 x 740)

The cabinets were to be drafted in the form of a “segmented arc”. This would not only make a more “artistic” presentation for Mr. Uriel’s client; it should, in actual construction, provide better access as the two end-most cabinets would more directly face the secretary as he/she turned in the chair.

The first major challenge was of course determining the number and physical arrangement of the cabinets. I started with the requisite 18″ face perpendicular to the left end-wall, then drew a line from the endpoint of that face line to a point perpendicular on the arc of the curved wall; this gave me the first interior angle. I then mirror-copied that face line using that interior line as the mirror, then took a line from the endpoint of the new 18″ face to a second point perpendicular on the arc. Already the cabinets seemed to rotate around the centerpoint. I did these same steps for the right cabinets; a simple line between the inside cabinet corners defined the front edge of the desk.

Pg 2 - Overhead [Scale: 1/2

Pg 2 – Overhead [Scale: 1/2″ = 12″]

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Aside from the dimensions for the wall and upper shelf, the profile was rather straightforward to draft.

Pg 3 - Right Profile [Scale: 1½

Pg 3 – Right Profile [Scale: 1½” = 12″]

Larger image

For the views, it seemed I had two obvious choices: either draft each view as if it were a stand-alone unit, or show that each cabinet has an adjoining unit on one or both sides, with the adjoining units cut off by a break line. I chose the latter, as I think this better shows the continuity of the overall structure.

This “cut off” concept presented another challenge. As none of the interior angles are right angles, the various vertical edges shift left or right depending on which cabinet is directly viewed. I solved this by making multiple copies of the overhead view, rotating each so that the cabinet face line relevant to a particular view was horizontal. I then dropped vertical construction lines as needed, drafting over each on the presentation layers.

After adding the door and drawer faces, I changed the lineweight for each “adjoining” one to hairline to create a subtle difference from those directly viewed.

I advised Mr. Uriel that as he did not specify handles for the drawer or door faces, I would leave them off the first draft; also, I was concerned that at this scale the dimensions for the drawer and door faces would crowd the drawing, so I would leave them off too. He accepted that, and further did not ask that they be added for the final draft.

The right profile here is of course basically a repeat from the previous page. I included it here because I think it gives a more balanced look to the overall page, and because it may help Mr. Uriel’s client to more easily visualize the whole structure.

Pg 4 - Views [Scale: 3/4

Pg 4 – Views [Scale: 3/4″ = 12″]

Larger image

The “Internals” drawing is a more complete version of the very first image I sent to Mr. Uriel for review. Before going any further with the drawing, I needed to know that he understood what I showing here, and that he accepted the number and arrangement of the cabinets. He approved it, and I was able to move on with the drawing.

Originally I intended the internals to be only for Mr. Uriel (and whichever contractor he may sub the build out to); I was not going to include it in the final draft. But then I considered that I had already drafted it, and that it only needed a few more dimensions and an appropriate scale to make it a complete drawing. So I added it as the last page, with the idea that it might thus be a more comprehensive presentation for the client.

Pg 5 - Internals [Scale: 3/4

Pg 5 – Internals [Scale: 3/4″ = 12″]

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