Suncoast Diecasters

Suncoast Diecasters is a 1/64-scale diecast collecting and trading club. We’ve been around for nearly ten years, and I have been Webmaster and Club Photographer for nearly nine years.

To suggest that a website for a club dedicated to collecting and trading Hot Wheels, Matchbox and other diecast brands is “entertainment writing” might be obvious. However, our monthly updates aren’t merely photos of cars with their names listed. When I can, I go into detail about a certain model, its designer, its history among collectors, perhaps the real vehicle that inspired the miniature, etc. I often provide offsite links related to these details.

I also provide actual entertainment in the form of comedic writing, sometimes in the text explaining a certain photo, and very often in the photo captions. Here too I will provide offsite links, though in these cases the links are admittedly only obtusely related to the photo and are more directly related to the humor. I also often use the title= HTML attribute to provide informative or humorous descriptions for the links.

In March of 2016, Suncoast Diecasters hit two milestones: Over 1500 photographs, and nearly 270 followers. Not bad for a local club, having over eight times as many followers on social media (its main WordPress-hosted site, as well as Facebook and Twitter) as it has actual members.

Below are what I consider to be the best examples of what I’m able to do with our site in terms of writing:

03/2016: 1500+ pics!; And, Thanks to all our Followers!

09/2015: September transports us into Fall!

03/2015: March 2015 (needs a better title!)

02/2015: Happy St. Valvoline’s Day!

04/2014: April brings Showers of great new Photos! (Light on text, but good captions)