Suncoast Diecasters vs PhotoBucket

Of course, it’s not literally “versus”. However, an issue has arisen which affects the Suncoast Diecasters website; and as I reference several of that site’s pages in the Entertainment Writing section, that issue subsequently affects this portfolio as well.

PhotoBucket no longer allows third-party hosting* except with its most-expensive subscription plan. Thus, all but the most recent photos on the Suncoast Diecasters (SD) site are blocked, and replaced with a request to upgrade. As there are over 100 posts and pages on the SD site, and over 1,700 photos, this blocking seriously impacts visitors’ enjoyment of the site. And again, it also impacts the value of those pages referenced in this portfolio.

As both Webmaster and club photographer for SD, I felt compelled to address this on the SD site directly, and so posted an article. It’s a straight-forward, if at points light-hearted, take on the issue. While not at all as serious as my other Professional Writing examples, I would appreciate it if as a visitor to my portfolio you would consider it in that context:

Suncoast Diecasters: Kicking the ‘Bucket

*Update: PhotoBucket has since removed the blocking; an overlay stating “Proudly hosted on PhotoBucket” now appears on some photos.